Key opinion leaders who could help promote the launch of Tiffany & Co.’s Ziegfeld Collection needed to be identified.  This called for a systematic review of print and web media in Hawaii (in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages), tracking keywords, social media hashtags.  Recent fashion features were studied to identify editors with a large share of voice impacting both fashion and visitor media, while being both brand appropriate and a good fit for the ‘fashion jewelry’ price point of the line. Research revealed an additional and separate group of nontraditional influencers comprised of freelance writers and stylists, who happened to all maintain personal fashion blogs.


Based on research findings, a plan was developed to transform influencers into active participants of the communications program—making them feel connected, interested, and wanting to recommend the Ziegfeld Collection to others. Primary Audience: editors of traditional media spanning luxury, lifestyle, and fashion genres reaching Tiffany Hawaii’s global customer mix of local residents, westbound, and eastbound visitors. Secondary Audience: nontraditional influencers active in the social sphere, having a large, engaged following, and considered to be “tastemakers” in fashion.

Objectives: 1. Connect directly with 75% of the editors responsible for producing fashion news and features in Hawaii regional media within the first two months of the Ziegfeld Collection’s launch campaign and via face-to-face, individual appointments. 2. Generate directed, positive social media buzz from a majority of the identified fashion and social media influencers, timed immediately after the arrival and availability of the entire Ziegfeld Collection in Tiffany Hawaii stores. 3. Develop and secure editorial exposure in at least one media outlet per major source market of Tiffany Hawaii’s customer base (English-Westbound, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) within the period of the Ziegfeld Collection’s launch campaign.

Beyond supplying written press materials and providing access to brand images, the key was in creatively delivering messaging via two primary experiences—one-on-one press appointments and a social media event. Long-lead outreach started two months prior to the launch of the Ziegfeld Collection, engaging editors in private appointments at the Tiffany store to provide a unique opportunity of seeing the jewelry prior to its availability in Hawaii. Coupled with the presentation of gifts from the Ziegfeld Collection to top-tier editors, early efforts highlighted many of the featured selections in the embargoed press kit, stimulating buzz, and securing future opportunities to be included in editorial fashion photo shoots and product round-ups.

Once the entire Ziegfeld Collection was available in Hawaii stores, PacRim engaged the secondary audience of fashion bloggers/stylists/freelance writers in an interactive and intimate in-store champagne reception. Invitees and their guests (including models and photographers) came dressed in their 1920s-best to learn about Tiffany’s illustrious New York heritage while being able to try on the Ziegfeld Collection to play up their own personal styles. With Jazz Age tunes setting the mood, hair and makeup on-hand, and free reign of the store’s interior as a unique backdrop, real-time social media posts and photography were encouraged to showcase the jewelry as worn by participants. From the Tiffany Blue step-and-repeat to the Tiffany Blue Box petit fours, an elitist and branded atmosphere noteworthy of social sharing was created.


In total, PacRim Marketing personally met with 76% of key regional editors and utilized 56% of the identified fashion/social media influencers in Hawaii and Asia to promote the Ziegfeld Collection. Outreach spurred earned media coverage by Rurubu Honolulu (Japanese), Lea Lea (Japanese), My Hawaii Pacific Journey (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), HI Luxury, Honolulu Shops, and the Honolulu Star Advertiser among others, and more than 100,000 direct impressions online. The five-month campaign exceeded every goal, and Tiffany Hawaii’s feedback on the overall sales success of the Ziegfeld Collection ultimately affirmed PacRim Marketing Group’s effectiveness.

Awarded a PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Koa Anvil and “Best in Show,” this program was also Hawaii’s nomination for the Western PR division award PRSA. 

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