800% Increase in Revenue over 4 Years

Prince Waikiki


Featuring oceanfront guest rooms, an upscale infinity pool, and fresh island cuisine, Prince Waikiki is conveniently situated in the stretch connecting Ala Moana and Waikiki. PacRim first began working with the luxury resort in April 2012, which has since grown into a near decade-long partnership.


Prince Waikiki went through a period of property renovations, which contributed to a slowdown in hotel bookings. The remodeling was completed in April 2017 and the Prince Waikiki team had a renewed interest in marketing its revamped resort to Asia-Pacific travelers.


Mirroring the hotel’s refreshed look, PacRim was tasked with redesigning the original Prince Waikiki website. From there, the team resumed with providing analysis and consultation on an ongoing basis to best capture the interest of the Asia traveler markets, leading to a sharp turnaround in Prince Waikiki’s total revenue.


Custom Website Redesign

Since PacRim developed the initial website, the team was well-equipped to handle the redesign in a swift and efficient manner.


Revenue Management Consultation

PacRim's cultural expertise led to a revamp of Prince Waikiki’s rate structure and hotel packages in a way that would appeal to travelers from Asia based on what they would value most or any relevant events in their country at the time.


Digital Advertising

To increase Prince Waikiki’s online exposure, our team deployed an SEM campaign and continues to make program modifications and recommendations based on monthly performance.


800% in revenue over 4 years.
Prince Waikiki - Results

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