HONOLULU — APRIL 24, 2020 — The KizunAloha coalition, composed of more than 20 companies, government agencies and nonprofits based in Hawaii and Japan, today unveiled a communications campaign designed to support future economic recovery efforts by engaging the Japanese market during the coronavirus pandemic. KizunAloha, which combines the Japanese word “kizuna” (meaning bond or connection) and the Hawaiian word “aloha” (meaning love or compassion), represents the deep connection between the two cultures, reflected in Japan’s status as Hawaii’s largest international market.

While the state has currently imposed a 14-day quarantine for all incoming travelers and has asked visitors to postpone their trips to the island until the threat of COVID-19 has been contained, this campaign is designed to encourage economic recovery by continuing to connect and engage with the Japanese market through virtual content.

The campaign launched with an official video message from Hawaii Gov. David Ige thanking Japanese consumers for their understanding and support as the state responds to the ongoing coronavirus situation with travel restrictions and quarantine measures. Additional videos, which will be released to approximately 10 million Japanese consumers through the coalition’s networks in April and May, will highlight Hawaii as a world-class destination not only for tourism but for business investment.

“The road to economic recovery will be long and difficult, but we believe it must start now by cultivating those special connections we have with Japan, even when we can’t physically welcome them,” said Paul Yonamine, executive chairman of Central Pacific Bank. “Our goal is to remain top of mind among Japanese consumers and remind them that our culture, food, music, and history — what they know and love about Hawaii — will be here for them in the future when it’s safe to come and visit again.”


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