Born in Tianjin, China, Nan brings substantial experience to her job at PacRim Marketing Group as a Marketing Communications Manager and China/Japan Market Specialist.  She has a bachelor's degree in Japanese Language from Tianjin University of Technology.  After earning her master's degree in Psychology at Niigata University and living in Japan for 11 years, Nan's nationality is now Japanese.  Nan is trilingual and speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English.
Challenging herself in various job fields after graduation, Nan worked as a System Assistant at a Tokyo IT company; a Data Analyst at Macromill, one of the leading market research companies in Japan; and a Strategic Planner at a major advertising agency, Hakuhodo.  She moved to Hawaii in 2017 and, after a few months, joined PacRim Marketing Group.
Working with media, maintaining relationships with clients, and expanding the client base to see the final product in print or other mediums, Nan enjoys the process and dedicates herself from inception to completion.  She stays up-to-date with marketing trends via social media and long distance exchanges.  
In her spare time, Nan enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and playing the piano.  Her favorite place to travel is Peru, and her travel “bucket list” destination would be Kenya.  Nan's belief in "performing your best" and "learning from experiences" is demonstrated in her work efforts at PacRim Marketing Group for the past two years.  She is enthusiastic about assisting PacRim to expand its growth in the marketplace.