Born and raised in Chiba, Japan, Eri graduated from Meiji Gakuin where she majored in Law.  Before joining PacRim as our Marketing Communications Manager and Japan Market Specialist, Eri’s previous work experience includes being a sales person and sales manager at MyNavi in Japan as well as a sales representative for KAUKAU here in Hawaii.  Eri moved to Hawaii in 2016 and recently joined our staff at the end of 2018. 

Eri knew about PacRim while working at KAUKAU.  What drew her to apply to the company was that she was interested in how PacRim focuses on PR and marketing as well as establishes connections with all forms of media.  In her short time here, Eri has taken up many tasks from translations to coordination to attending photo shoots. 

Her favorite part about her job is coordinating Japanese media and clients and getting to participate in supporting media fam tours to outer islands.  When asked if she had any advice for future hires, Eri said that while most of the work is done independently, PacRim provides opportunities to “challenge yourself” and “keep up your skills.”  

In her spare time, Eri likes to go to the beach, do yoga, play piano, and watch Netflix.  While she enjoys the weather and nature in Hawaii, she reminds herself of her favorite quote when feeling homesick for Japan: “Bloom where God has planted you.”  This quote reminds Eri that there is a reason she’s here and motivates her to do her best no matter the location she’s in.