Honolulu-PacRim Marketing Group has embarked on a rebranding campaign after being acquired by Tokyo-based Vector, Inc., one of the largest independent media communications firms in Asia-Pacific region. Founder, president, and chief executive officer of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., PRTech LLC., and PacRim Tokyo, KK, Dave Erdman, said the companies will keep their names and blue color scheme, but will change their logos to the Vector logo.
Erdman described the new logo as a circle of V’s symbolizing Vector’s 360 degree integration of marketing services and vision to help clients grow their businesses and resonate with travelers in the global tourism market. “The blue color scheme is a reminder of the Pacific Ocean and feeling of motion, which lends itself perfectly to our 2017 corporate communications theme, ‘catching the wave of change and innovation,’ “ he said.

Under the terms of the recent acquisition, finalized in February 2017, Vector, Inc. and PacRim Marketing Group operate separately, but collaborate on sharing best practices, business connections, opportunities, digital PR strategies, and proprietary communications channels and platforms. Erdman continues to act as president and chief executive officer of PacRim and its sister companies, while PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech staff remains at PacRim’s U.S. headquarters in Honolulu. Meanwhile, PacRim Tokyo staff moved to Vector, Inc.’s office in Akasaka, Tokyo in early March, giving its clients a contemporary and well located space for multilingual marketing and media event needs in Japan.

“Synergies and growth opportunities, especially in tech-based digital media communications, were driving factors for this acquisition,” said Erdman. “The rebranding is an important part of fostering the synergies and collaboration resulting from the acquisition, which increases opportunities, solutions and services for clients wanting to expand their share of the Asian International Traveler market.”

As part of the acquisition, Vector Inc. also has purchased PRTech’s proprietary, online, Asian-language hotel reservations system called MyREZ, which enables travelers from Asia to book reservations in their own languages on hotels’ official websites globally. This solution, which will also be expanded for the inbound Japanese market, increases the opportunity for hotels’ to boost direct bookings, conversion rates, and revenue. This strategy is aligned with Japan's robust tourism goals leading to the 2020 Olympics.

Both Vector, Inc. and PacRim Marketing Group were founded in the early ‘90s, share similar core values, and have pioneered Asian-language tools and solutions. Vector, Inc., which owns its own digital communications platforms, including PRTimes newswire service, NewsTV, and VideoWire, is also engaged in promoting domestic and international destinations, hospitality, retail, and travel-related companies. Likewise, PacRim Marketing Group developed Asian language travel-related digital and print media and MyRez to support clients wanting to grow their share of Asian traveler business.

Vector, Inc.’s client base consists of mostly Japanese brands, while many of PacRim Marketing Group’s clients are North American and Pacific Region based brands and organizations wanting to increase exposure and resonate with consumers throughout Asia, specifically Japan. PacRim uses its expertise in travel, tourism, and hospitality to support marketing efforts to prospective outbound visitors from Japan and the region and to inbound, independent, international travelers to Japan.

About Vector, Inc.:
Japan’s largest independent PR agency, Vector http://vectorinc.co.jp/en/ specializes in content development and strategic integrated communications and marketing consulting and implementation using high tech, digital marketing communications, social media, and video production. Vector was founded in 1993 and has focused on public relations and communications since 1998, establishing a video business in 1999. Its newswire distribution service, PR Times, was listed on the Mothers (Market of the high growth and emerging stocks) section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2015. In 2014, Vector established News Technology, Inc., a joint venture with MicroAd, Inc. and was listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Vector has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, and Taipei. Vector owns PRTimes, NewsTV, and VideoWire (a newswire service enabling the creation and distribution of original online video content) as well as numerous other media companies in television production, advertising, and web animation, and websites. Vector was recently ranked the highest of all Japanese public relations agencies in the Holmes Report’s World PR Report.

About PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. and PRTech, LLC:
Founded in 1990, PacRim Marketing Group www.pacrimmarketing.com is an integrated marketing communications firm specializing in increasing business’ share and spend of the Asian International Traveler market. PacRim’s multilingual team of experts offer strategic planning leveraging tourism and digital marketing strategies and proprietary technology. Solutions include Asian-language public relations, advertising, copywriting, online marketing and social media, video production, and in-country special events and promotions. PacRim owns and publishes the Asian language visitor guides, MyHawaii Pacific Journey in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, owns and provides travel-related content for Asian language websites in Japanese myhawaii.jp, Korean www.myhawaii.kr, and Chinese myhawaii.cn and participates in other media ventures reaching the Asian International Traveler market. Founded in 2004 as the online marketing affiliate of PacRim Marketing Group, PRTech www.prtech.com develops custom multilingual software and websites, and provides online, digital, and video marketing, including Asian SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). PRTech developed MyRez, the multilingual, online reservations booking system offered in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech were named 2015 BBB (Better Business Bureau Torch Award) winners in the category of Advancing Marketplace Excellence—honored for spreading trust in the marketplace and demonstrating ethics, transparency, “best practices,” and core values consistent with BBB standards. PRTech also has listed four times on PBN’s “Fastest 50” list.