The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce (HJCC) announced the selection of its new executive committee.  The 12 officers will serve from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.
Dave Erdman, president and chief executive officer of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. and PRTech, LLC., who was named chair-elect, said he is “pleased with the opportunity to work alongside new Chair of the Board Tyler Tokioka throughout the year to help carry out the organization’s vision and goals and to ensure a smooth transition of programs when he becomes chair in July 2016.” 
“I’m looking forward to supporting the HJCC’s initiatives including growing its membership, diversity and engagement as well as its positive reputation in the business community here and abroad,” said Erdman.  “Tyler is an impressive leader and volunteer with proven success in fundraising and advocacy for our local business environment, the community of Japanese Americans, and cross cultural understanding.”
Established in 1900, the HJCC is one of Honolulu’s major professional organizations, representing a cross-section of the city’s businesses and diverse industries. More than a century since its founding, the HJCC seeks to integrate the dynamic areas of business and economic development, international relations and government affairs.  It currently serves more than 600 members—of which roughly 75 percent are small businesses—through mentorships, training, and education.
HJCC Executive Committee (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016):
Chair of the Board
Tyler Tokioka, Vice President External Affairs and Agency Relations, Island Insurance Co., Ltd.
Wayne Ishihara, President, Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Dave Erdman, President & CEO, PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. & PRTech, LLC
Vice Chairs
Mark Ibara, President, Edward Enterprises, Inc.
Jason Ito, Director, Administration and Planning, Kyo-ya Management Company, Ltd.
Karl Kobayashi, Chair, Carlsmith Ball LLP
Brian Nishida, President & CEO, Step Stone Business Development
Terry Noyama, Business Analyst, Servco Pacific Inc.
Melanie Okazaki, Regional Marketing Manager, McDonald's Restaurants of Hawaii
Eric Tsugawa, Manager Member, Tsugawa Biehl Lau & Muzzi LLC
Jon Tsukamoto, Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Immediate Past Chair
Candice Naito, Senior Vice President and Oahu Region Manager, First Hawaiian Bank