Honolulu, HI. (March 4, 2014)—PacRim Marketing Group is one of seven integrated marketing firms participating in the March 3 launch of Consul – The Global Travel Marketing Alliance. Consisting of advertising, public relations, media and marketing firms spread across five continents, this international network provides members with a global platform for cultivating and maintaining business.

“PacRim Marketing Group is proud to be a charter member of the consortium that will offer existing and prospective global and hospitality brands new integrated marketing resources and expertise in markets throughout the world,” said Dave Erdman, President and CEO of PacRim Marketing Group and its sister company, PRTech.  “Our track record of generating results for established brands and organizations wanting to increase share of the Asian International Traveler market fits well into Consul’s concept for expanding global expertise and reach in Asia, especially Japan.”

Chairman Don Montague of Consul’s lead U.S. marketing firm, MMGY Global, said: “We’ve had an increasing need to provide our clients and prospects with global resources and local, in-country expertise in markets throughout the world.  This alliance enables us to work together with the best minds in the industry to provide a truly global offering.  MMGY Global was eager to partner with these agencies to build a network that harnesses each entity’s expertise in key markets.  Consul also allows member agencies to bring incremental value to current and prospective clients through the sharing of ‘best practices.’”

“Consul means that for the first time, like-minded advertising and communications agencies from around the world can work better together.  Clients in the travel and tourism sectors can now speak with a clear and consistent voice.  Consumers can only respond positively,” said Accord Group CEO David Sitwell.

“The rapid growth of the Asian International Traveler market has created exciting opportunities for firms wanting to increase their share and spend from these important source markets,” Erdman said. “As an advisor and partner, PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech are positioned to help global firms increase reach into these markets. Now businesses and traveling consumers the world over can rely on a newly formed alliance of the preeminent global marketing leaders—Consul—to grow their businesses.”   

Consul will continue to expand in key markets globally.  The following seven agencies are Consul’s founding members:   

PacRim Marketing Group: Pacific Rim | PacRim Marketing Group is a global marketing communications firm specializing in helping established brands and organizations grow in the Asian international traveler market.  Founding its U.S. headquarters in Hawaii in 1990 at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific, the agency has since expanded into a synergistic group of companies — PRTech (2004) and PacRim Marketing Tokyo (2006), now operating as the firm’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Japan.

MMGY Global: United States | The world’s largest and most integrated global marketing firm with more than 35 years of experience in the travel, hospitality and entertainment industries. The mission is simple: help travel companies grow revenue by motivating their customers. The award-winning agency maintains a global communications practice in all marketing channels, serving many of the world’s premier travel and tourism brands. MMGY Global is author of acclaimed industry research (including the Portrait of American Travelers) that identifies the habits and preferences of travelers – insights that serve as the foundation for its marketing strategy. www.mmgyglobal.com.

Accord: United Kingdom | Accord is a full-service, proudly independent advertising agency that is focused on its clients’ commercial results.  The agency is special blend of small, expert travel specialists and dedicated teams that help clients get the most from their marketing budgets.  Accord maximizes return-on-investment by providing advertising expertise, marketing skills, leading-edge technology, in-depth research, first-class service, and a portfolio of services exclusively designed to meet the needs of its clients.  

Dragon Tail Interactive: China | Dragon Trail Interactive is an award-winning digital marketing agency and travel technology company that helps global travel and tourism organizations reach and connect with affluent Chinese consumers.  Leveraging the Internet and social media, Dragon Trail Interactive helps increase brand awareness for its clients by generating buzz using online influencer marketing and social media campaigns.

Fitch y Asociados: Mexico | Founded in 2001, Fitch y Asociados is a Mexican firm that specializes in communication strategies, branding, media planning and strategic alliances. With a special orientation to the tourism industry, Fitch y Asociados has been a leader for more than 10 years in building destination brands throughout Mexico, and creating positioning strategies to increase visitation, brand awareness and brand development.  The firm has extensive experience in consumer traveling trends and media consumption in Mexico and all its primary markets. Through the years, it has participated in projects involving different products of the touristic industry, including hotels, destinations and airlines.

FSB Comunicações: Brazil | With more than 30 years of experience, FSB Comunicações is one of the largest communications agencies in Brazil.  The integrated marketing firm specializes in tourism and hospitality, corporate communications, crisis communications, strategic and digital public relations, media relations, government communications, internal communications, brand building, research, design and content.  With offices in Rio de Janiero (two), São Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, FSB has more than 500 partners/employees and affiliates throughout Brazil and worldwide.

Interface Tourism: Southern Europe | Interface Tourism is Southern Europe’s leading tourism marketing agency.  With offices in Paris, Milan and Madrid, the agency has its roots in some of the most successful tourism destinations in the world.  The agency is proud to work for more than 50 leading tourism brands in France, Italy and Spain.

For more information on Consul visit, www.travelconsul.com.