Honolulu—Irene Honma has been promoted to Director of Sales & Marketing - Asia/International at PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. and PRTech LLC., from Sr. Manager, International Sales & Marketing.  Honma develops customized sales and marketing plans for clients, integrating Asian language print, digital media, and web solutions aimed at increasing share and spend of the Asian International Traveler market.

“Irene uses her keen understanding of Asian cultural nuances and consumer trends to market clients’ brands throughout Asia,” said Dave Erdman, president and chief executive officer of PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech.  “Her tailored media solutions resonate with travelers from Asia, and help our clients increase the Asian traveler portion of their customer bases.”  
Irene joined PacRim Marketing Group’s International Sales and Marketing team in 2006.  She has more than 25 years of experience in international sales and marketing to Japan and other Asia markets, including managing branch offices in the Asia region.  She previously worked with Aston Hotels & Resorts/Resort Quest Hawaii, Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort & Spa and Chuo Senko Advertising Co., based in Tokyo, Japan.  Through her work experience, she established many close business relationships with the Asian traditional and digital media partners and leaders in the hospitality industry in the Asia markets.

Honma is fluent in Japanese and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Hawaii, School of Travel Industry Management, where she focused on international sales.