PacRim Marketing Group President and CEO Dave Erdman predicts Hawaii will benefit from the Japanese government’s decision to appropriate $395 billion toward the country’s rebuilding and recovery following the March 11, 2011, earthquake and  tsunami.  

Erdman was quoted in a recent Star-Advertiser article: “The investment in reconstruction, crisis management and economic revitalization will help encourage economic growth and consumer confidence.  A stronger Japan economy with hope, vision and confidence in the future will bode well for the Japan out-bound tourism to Hawaii.”

He also referenced Japan’s desire for Two-Way Tourism with Hawaii and the Continental U.S., which helps strengthen Japan’s economy and, in turn, is put back into the U.S. economy—especially Hawaii—by Asian International Travelers.

“Two-way tourism is good for all of us.  Building bonds of friendship and giving our aloha spirit as we travel will encourage more first-timers to come to Hawaii from Japan, and not just to Oahu, but to visit our Neighbor Islands,” Erdman said.  “I encourage those thinking of an overseas vacation to consider going to Japan and exploring areas outside of central metropolitan cities to learn more about our friends and neighbors, and return to them the support that they need in this time of reconstruction and revitalization.”

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