By Erika Engle (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

Not every intern in the spotlight is there for scandalous reasons.

Destin Kim, a student intern at PacRim Marketing Group Inc., is to be featured June 25 in "Watch Your World" ("Se Gye Leul Bo Ra" in Korean), a morning show that airs on Korea's Munhwa Broadcasting Co. stations.

Kim is a student in the Travel Industry Management School at University of Hawaii, and was selected to be featured on the show based on the work he has been doing for PacRim, specifically for its Korean-language Web portal and social media team for

The PacRim site promotes Hawaii to Korean nationals or Korean-language speakers elsewhere.

One of PacRim's initiatives was to create, and post on YouTube, a silly parody of "Gangnam Style," named "Hawaii Style," eight months ago.

With nearly 35,000 views, the video drew a mention on the Mnet Asian Music Awards, a show broadcast in more than 85 countries.

PacRim started its internship program in 1990, the year founder Dave Erdman started the company.

"Internships are a valuable part of the learning process in business," he told the Korean broadcast crew. Internships helped him understand and develop a love for marketing and the hospitality and travel industry, which is why he offers the opportunities.

PacRim has interns year-round, and has had three each summer for the past five years. Interns apply through their schools or online, and are matched with a business unit depending on their background, giving them international marketing experience that could advance their studies and résumés.

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