HONOLULU, HAWAII (July 15, 2011) – One of the few and newest sources of information about Hawaii for the Chinese visitor market, the Chinese Hotel Channel in Hawaii (CHTV), has selected PacRim Marketing Group as its media representative for Hawaii and the Continental U.S.

This in-room hotel channel replaced the NHK News and Entertainment broadcast on Channel 25 on July 1. The Chinese language broadcast provides news feeds from CCTV News and Phoenix TV News as well as Chinese language information for Mandarin and Cantonese speaking visitors to Hawaii.

“Because China Eastern starts twice-weekly flights from Shanghai to Honolulu in August, and because of both the Honolulu Asian Sister City conference in September and the APEC event in November, we think we are launching into an excellent window of opportunity to reach a growing number of wealthy Chinese visitors,” said Phil Bossert, partner with CHTV and Orientec.

“PacRim Marketing Group’s breadth of experience marketing to tourists from Asia, and its own familiarity with advertising in Asian media will be helpful in promoting CHTV,” said Dave Erdman, president and CEO of PacRim Marketing Group.

PacRim Marketing Group’s video and advertising departments specialize in creating or repurposing print and online advertising and sponsorships for U.S. clients in Asian languages. In addition, PacRim is owner and publisher of Pacific Journey "My Hawaii," a print and online travel magazine published in Chinese as well as Korean and Japanese languages.

“We are excited to represent CHTV because it gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with more direct brand exposure to the growing travel market from China,” said Irene Honma, PacRim Marketing Group’s Advertising Director.

CHTV will broadcast CCTV or Phoenix news at the top of every hour, 24 hours per day. In case of emergency or natural disasters, CHTV will also provide official news alerts and traveler emergency broadcasts in Chinese. In addition, all four island visitor bureaus and the HTA (Hawaii Tourism Authority) are providing destination programming with Chinese voiceovers or subtitles for part of the programming.

CHTV will be available in almost 21,000 hotel rooms—mostly on Oahu. “It is estimated that CHTV will be in 95% of the hotels that Chinese visitors are likely to choose as their hotel or condo venue,” Bossert said.

The CHTV Hotel Channel is free to hotel guests and free to hotels with Oceanic cable service. There are few Chinese language resources available to Mandarin and Cantonese speaking visitors. CHTV will be one of the new, additional sources of information about Hawaii for this growing visitor market.