HONOLULU, HAWAII (August 1, 2008) - Wally Amos is about to become more famous-- in Korea. He debuts in the 100th article and in the most recent video posted on MyHawaii (www.myhawaii.kr/), the first commercial Korean language web portal site about Hawaii, started by PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. and launched on June 30th.

In the video, Wally Amos treats MyHawaii,kr editorial staff member, Sohyun Park, to cookies as they banter back and forth with Wally's well known dolls about his new shop, called Chip and Cookie, opening this September in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Already being viewed hundreds of times a day and ranking in the top five listings on Google Korea in categories such as "Hawaii Restaurant," "Hawaii Shopping," "Hawaii Hotel," "Hawaii Event," and "Hawaii Information," MyHawaii is sure to bring Wally Amos more travelers from afar.

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The 100th article