HONOLULU, HAWAII (February 25, 2008) -- On March 1, PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., in collaboration with Skies America Publishing Company, will launch a new Oahu-based, Korean language magazine for visitors.

Distributed throughout Waikiki and on Oahu, the Korean publication is a sister publication of the Japanese magazine, 'Pacific Journey-Hawaii,' which is being enhanced--both in design and content. "The renewed 'Pacific Journey-Hawaii' has thicker, high quality paper and perfect binding, giving it more of a book feel. Pacific Journey now boasts more luxury and lifestyle features, more fashion editorial, and a new real estate and vacation ownership section," said Sheri Cunningham, Sr. Vice President of Skies America.

Skies America has published Pacific Journey for more than 16 years in Hawaii and also has produced Northwest Airlines in-flight magazine and numerous custom retail-related, lifestyle and travel magazines in the Pacific Rim region.

The Pacific Journey Japanese and Korean publications will be distributed on Oahu--at the Honolulu International Airport arrival area, selected ABC stores through a unique partnership, concierge desks, condominiums, and throughout Waikiki. "Plans are to produce a similar publication in Japanese and Korean for other markets--with Guam and Las Vegas under consideration," said Dave Erdman, President and CEO of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc.

PacRim Marketing Group, which collaborated on the production of the publication from Japanese to Korean, will continue to coordinate future issues and to provide input into design and content, as well as distribution, for both the Japanese and Korean publications. "It was complicated to do two books in Japanese and Korean with no English base. We had to interpret words and cultural nuances as well as make the publications graphically appealing for their intended audiences," said Katja Silveraa Advertising Manager, PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. "We are prepared to do custom publishing and special sections for clients in multiple languages, including Korean, Japanese, and also Chinese."

Erdman said his company was initially active in the Korean market from 1995 until 1997, until Asian investment and travel to Hawaii dropped off due to the Asian Economic Crisis. At that time, PacRim assisted a Korea travel trade publisher, as well as handled Asiana Airlines' in-flight media with a Korean partner. Recently, PacRim Marketing Group coordinated the publication of a Korean coupon book, distributed in Korea, with Hawaii Tourism Korea (HTK).

"It's great to be back in the media business with Korea," Erdman said. "The requests and interests of our clients since last year have encouraged us to dedicate more resources to this market. Our staff now includes six Korean staff members and also specialists in on-line web site development and software application development in Korean language. We are very active and busy with the Korean market now with more Koreans visiting Hawaii, and we anticipate even more business from that market when the visa restrictions are lifted later this year."

Erdman suggests that business from the Korean market could quadruple in the next few years, especially given the lifting of visa restrictions for Korea, which is expected to become law in July 2008. "The visa waiver will make it easier and more appealing for investors, baby boomers, honeymooners, students, families, and other visitors from Korea to vacation in Hawaii and to consider second home purchases here."

"Our clients are preparing for this opportunity by developing web sites and collateral material in Korean. Now they can reach Koreans who have arrived in Hawaii through the Korean version of Pacific Journey magazine," Erdman said.

About Skies America Publishing Company:
Skies America Publishing Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is an internationally recognized supplier of high-quality custom publishing and communications. Skies America began 28 years ago by serving airlines and delivering quality inflight publications and travel-related publications. Skies America has since expanded into corporate publications for other industries, from professional sports to the jewelry trade industry, to publications for various arts programs. In addition, Skies America offers an independent Circulation Services department. Skies America has a multi-lingual publishing division. In addition to its own Pacific Journey, Skies America works with such publishing clients as The New York Yankees, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, Museum Store Association, Association of Financial Planners and DFS Worldwide. For more information, go to www.skies.com or contact Sheri Cunningham at 503-520-1955 X613.