HONOLULU, HAWAII (July 30, 2008) - PRTech, a sister company of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., has developed and introduced the first Hawaii-based multilingual reservations booking system, MyRez 2.0. Although the system has multilingual capabilities, it initially will be launched in English, Japanese, and Korean on August 1. MyRez 2.0 will be available in traditional and simplified Chinese within the next six months, and in other languages following that.

MyRez 2.0--part of the next-generation of online software solutions aimed at helping businesses use the Internet to increase online revenue and reduce costs--has been shown to significantly shorten booking times, while effectively translating consumer requests in Korean or Japanese into English for hotel staff, and then back into Korean or Japanese for the consumer. The system also has the ability to handle spa reservations and, potentially, bookings for other activities.

"We chose to offer MyRez 2.0 with Asian language capabilities first, based on growth opportunities in the independent traveler markets where Internet use for travel and online bookings have had dramatic growth in the past few years," said Dave Erdman, PacRim Marketing Group President and CEO. "Hawaii is the perfect market in which to introduce this new product, due to its multilingual needs and culture, and the volume of customers from Japan and Asia who now do their own travel bookings and scheduling. We named the product MyRez, recognizing that individuals like researching and planning their own trips the way they like--'my vacation, my way, in my language, on my time -24/7'."

By August 1, MyRez 2.0 will be in place for several Hawaii hotels. Hotels using MyRez 2.0 can upload their own photos, logos, rates, and information on discounts and room categories, creating a dynamic and tailored booking page that fits into their website design and allows seamless transition between English and Korean or Japanese.

"The simple one-page booking system, with minimum load time and intuitive interface, shortens booking times and is extremely user-friendly for hotel operators and revenue managers," said Brian Newman, Sales Manager at PRTech. "Our goals in developing MyRez 2.0 were to make booking easier and more personalized for both consumers and hotel staffs, and I have no doubt that we have been successful in doing that."

In addition, PRTech staff can work with hotel staffs to provide translation and one-on-one service for Korean and Japanese consumers with special requests submitted through MyRez 2.0's Online Concierge Service. PRTech's multilingual travel industry professionals then coordinate responses between the Korean or Japanese consumer and the Hawaii-based property.

Although MyRez 2.0 is based on PRTech's successful Japanese-English reservations booking system, JpRes, the new system is not a simple upgrade but an entire re-design, from the ground up, according to Erdman. "Initially developed for Turtle Bay Resort and Mandara Spa, our JpRes system has resulted in nearly $12 million in online Japanese and Korean booking revenue and generated over 40,000 room nights for our hotel clients since its 2002 launch. JpRes clients have been anticipating this next generation system which increases business from Asian markets through the Internet."

The new MyRez 2.0 multilingual reservations system was developed based on client input, and with the support of Act 221 that enabled PRTech to dedicate resources to its research and development for the past two years. PRTech developers collaborated with clients and their marketing staffs to bring the next generation of online multilingual reservations systems to market. MyRez 2.0 was developed here in Hawaii without any outsourcing to other countries, venture capital, or investment outside the company or parent company.

"We have high expectations for its success in meeting our clients' needs," Erdman said. "Based on the success of JpRes, which produced on average more than $300,000 a month in on-line bookings in 2007, we expect MyRez 2.0 to increase these numbers significantly even in a challenging market environment due to its breadth of language capabilities and user-friendly components."