As an intern with PacRim Marketing, you will gain direct, hands-on work experience by managing job responsibilities in a real-world, global business environment. You will be exposed to all areas of the organization, which will enable you to understand:
  • The company's structure and operations
  • General policies and procedures
  • Working with a diverse team and staff
  • The resources, processes, strategies and techniques utilized in achieving business objectives
  • Participation in appropriate office meetings, conferences, and projects
Responsibilities / Duties
Assist a specific group or multiple groups in various projects and initiatives while learning the functions of various positions, work processes, and procedures. Manage tasks, and prepare and submit a weekly report detailing weekly accomplishments, areas for improvement (and suggestions), issues or problems and the next week's goals. Collaborate with managers to develop and fulfill a reciprocally valuable experience.

Each intern reports to a specific person in the company and on occasion may take direction from other managers / team members.
Each intern will be introduced and assigned responsibilities and/or projects.
  • The intern will monitor progress and report to the immediate supervisor on a regular basis.
  • The intern will familiarize him or herself with the process and procedures within the department.
  • The intern will learn how specific tasks are performed related to the overall function of the firm.

Upon completion of an internship with PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., interns will be able to:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in understanding the company(s).
  • Explain the company's product(s), services, and philosophy.
  • Assess the outcome of the initial expectations.
  • Demonstrate specific skills acquired and show improvement in the implementation of those skills.
  • Present a completed project or demonstrate proficiency in completing on-going task assignments.
  • Provide meaningful feedback on the internship.
  • Provide feedback and evaluation session with employer at the end of the internship.
  • Bilingual speaking, reading, and writing ability in Japanese, Korean, and or Mandarin is highly desired for all of the departments.
  • Studies, or interest in, Travel Industry Management, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, International Business, Computer Science, or related fields.
  • High level of computer skills (Microsoft Office - Excel, PowerPoint, Work, Outlook, typing skills 45+ WPM; Programming for Marketing Technology positions with a focus on .NET Microsoft technology).
  • Majoring in, or having a degree in, Business Administration, Communication, Journalism, Travel Industry Management, Computer / Creative Media, MIS, and Computer Engineering, or related fields.
  • Strong oral, written and interpersonal communications skills in English language.
  • Passion for Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific markets and cultural nuances.
  • Detail oriented with ability to multi-task well under high pressure.
The company's business units (departments and teams) each maintain a unique set of services and solutions, and client portfolios, as briefly described below.

Integrated Marketing Services (IMS): Develops and manages integrated PR, marketing, events, and advertising programs for clients. Team members include project managers / client service specialists, Japanese / Korean / Chinese PR and marketing professionals, and production staff.

Advertising / Sales: Plans, coordinates, and implements advertising specific strategies for our clients. Focused also on selling the different services and products that the company provides.

My Hawaii Media: Publishes digital and print media specialized in Hawaii content, providing clients an opportunity to reach targeted Asian International Traveler markets through content marketing. Team members include Japanese / Korean / Chinese content marketing professionals (writers, editors), bloggers, SNS / online marketing specialists, and user interface and technical specialists (developers, programmers, networkers).

Integrated Marketing Technology: Develops and manages Asian websites and web applications for clients. From Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese websites to an Asian language reservation system, this team focuses on driving web traffic and reservations for clients. Team members include web designers, developers, programmers, and online marketing specialists.

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