Multilingual Reservation Solutions

Empower Travelers and Hotel Staff with Multilingual Hotel Reservation Systems

PacRim Marketing Group's unique reservation solutions enables Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English-speaking guests to make reservations in their own languages, providing a safe and comprehensive booking environment that leads to higher profitability for hotels. Learn about the features and benefits of our booking software below.


MyRez 5.0

Built specifically to accommodate Asian double byte character sets, MyRez 5.0 is the only online reservation system available in Asian languages. Acting as the booking engine on a hotel’s website, the MyRez process can be broken down into 3 main steps:

  1. Receiving English reservation and rate information from hotels
  2. Displaying it to travelers in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese
  3. Returning the Asian language response from travelers back to the hotel in English

As a hotel revenue management tool, MyRez is proven to increase conversions and decrease cancellations.

Multilingual Reservation Solutions


  • Customizable platform to reflect a hotel’s website and brand essence
  • Responsive web design for smartphones, computers, and other digital devices
  • Pop-up calendars for easy date selection
  • Secure hosted SSL environment
  • Direct-connect integration or request-based option
  • Secure, PCI-compliant credit card processing
  • Auto-response HTML confirmation emails
  • Simplified navigation and booking through minimized scrolling and expanded views


  • Responds to special requests or questions in Asian languages through multilingual online concierge service
  • Drives guest loyalty through customizable emails, pre-stay welcome and post-stay thank you messages, and surveys
  • Shows lowest priced dates and availability at beginning of reservations process
  • Strengthens a hotel’s call to action with a countdown timer showing time left until promotional offers expire
  • Caters to specific needs of Asian travelers with forms designed based on cultural preferences and EFO (Entry Form Optimization) programming
  • Improves hotel analytics and data capture with clearer call-to-action buttons and customizable fields
  • Accommodates multiple rate plans and packages
  • Provides ability to promote optional items for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Makes recommendations to increase ADR and visitor spend
  • Allows hotel groups to promote multiple properties within a collection

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