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Connect with Customers Through Social Media Marketing

Now considered a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, social media has truly changed the way customers interact with businesses. With so many networks to navigate and countless digital trends affecting how people use them, social media evolves constantly which results in questions like, “what are the best channels to reach my target audience online?” or “how can I create posts that are appealing to an Asian international traveler?” That’s where we come in.


Most travelers are active on social media not only to document current adventures, but to discover their next destination as well. PRTech understands which online platforms Asia-Pacific travelers prefer and how to utilize them effectively so that your business stays top-of-mind when they’re checking off what hotel to stay at, which restaurants to eat at, and the best places to shop at.

It takes consistent, long-term engagement to build a strong following, so our team focuses on all aspects of social media marketing to be successful.


  • Business Page Management

    From creating eye-catching content to providing follower engagement, our social media managers will maintain your accounts properly while monitoring the buzz around your brand.

  • Organic Content Strategy

    Following social media best practices, we’ll devise a thoughtful content calendar that resonates deeply with followers in order to generate interest and cultivate a stronger sense of brand loyalty.

  • Boosted Ad Posts

    By targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, we can hone in on users that may be more inclined to follow your page, visit your website, or take advantage of a special promotion.


Global Social Media Networks

  • Facebook

    The most widely used social networking site, Facebook boasts approximately 2 billion active users per month which businesses can further reach through Facebook Advertising.

  • Instagram

    As the world’s fastest growing social platform with 1 billion monthly users, Instagram’s explosive popularity gave rise to the age of influencers, showing how powerful it has become as a marketing tool.

  • Twitter

    A “micro-blogging” platform for bite-sized updates, breaking news, and trending topics, Twitter gives businesses a more personal and direct way to connect to its highly engaged users.

  • Youtube

    The most popular video-hosting site in the world, Youtube is the go-to place to share professional media clips as well as original user content covering countless topics such as music videos, tutorials, video blogs, etc.

Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube


Social Media in Korea

  • Naver Blog

    As the largest search engine and social network service in Korea, Naver encourages user-generated content, giving bloggers powerful influence when it comes to reaching your target market in Korean.



Social Media in China

Because most of the world's most popular social media networks are blocked in China, the country’s key players in the digital landscape are completely unique. Leveraging social media in this country is a crucial tactic in reaching a majority of the population, but it requires a highly localized strategy on a set of social platforms that are entirely separate from the rest of the world.

  • Weibo is the biggest Social Network Service (SNS) in China which started in 2009 and has 140 million users. Approximately 30% of internet users in China have accounts with – a powerful tool to reach out to many potential travelers.

  • WeChat

    With over 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat is often referred to as China’s “super app” by providing messaging, social media, and mobile payment bundled into one convenient platform.

  • Youku

    One of China’s top video streaming platforms, Youku originally started as a place for user-generated content (similar to Youtube in other markets). Youku eventually began creating its own original television shows and movies, now making it comparable to Netflix and Hulu.

Weibo WeChat Youku

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