Digital Marketing & Data Analysis

Leverage Paid Digital Advertising Campaigns to Succeed

Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing encompasses a variety of online advertising strategies such as traditional text ads, display or banner ads, video ads, and more. Through keyword bidding and demographic targeting, Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) enables you to either reinforce your existing position or improve it within a search engine results page.


Based on your brand image, target audience, and budget, PRTech can help choose and bid on relevant keywords to boost your company higher on major search engines in Japan, Korea, China, and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Keyword Research

    Based on historical data and the search habits of your target market, PRTech will select a mix of branded and non-branded keyword terms to drive the right customers to your business.
  • Multilingual Ad Creation

    Our cultural marketing experts don’t just translate; we provide localized copywriting in multiple languages and design banner ads that specifically appeal to Asia-Pacific travelers.
  • Campaign Launch

    We’ll build your advertising account from the ground up efficiently. Let us take care of setting up detailed targeting parameters, adjusting bids, and tagging URLs for tracking purposes.
  • Ongoing Management and Reporting

    Through comprehensive analytics, PRTech will review campaign performance closely to see what works best for your business and provide recommendations to best utilize your budget.